What's New?

The 2016-17 Flu Vaccine is here! The Quadrivalent and Preservative-Free (no mercury) version is available at our office for all ages. Our flu vaccination appointment are every weekday, and Saturdays 10-12.

2019 flu epidemic

There is currently a Flu epidemic- We have FluMist in stock and Preservative-free Quadrivalent flu vaccine for all ages. We also offer Tdap vaccines for all adults.

2014-2015 FluMist & Preservative-Free QIV Flu Shot Available

Most Flu vaccine covers 3 strains (TIV), but ours (QIV) covers 4 strains. The parents, grandparents, and other care-givers can also be vaccinated at our office, including whooping cough (TdaP) shots.
Patients, parents, grandparents and other caregivers can be vaccinated at our office.

Whooping Cough Shots are also available for family and caregivers.

Texting the Office is Great!

Texting our office is working great! We have a 100% patient family satisfaction with texting our office for routine appointments, or for simple questions.

Welcome to Sea Breeze Pediatrics

Thank you for visiting the website for my new practice, opening on August 12, 2013. We look forward to the opportunity to provide your family with the highest quality pediatric medical care and personalized service.