Treatment of Infant Colic

It is now being realized by some physicians that the majority of infants with symptoms of colic who have excessive crying for several hours during the day and frequent awakenings with crying at night are actually suffering from stomach acid pain. This can cause severe 'positional' pain while laying on the back which tends to improve with being held upright.

These infants also seem to improve with the use of antacids, like bicarbonate-containing Gripe Water or liquid antacids, and resistant cases consistently respond well to stomach acid blockers like Prilosec and Prevacid.

Further, these colicky infants tend to sleep better with the head of their bed elevated, just like adults with acid reflux, and they may do even better if they sleep upright in a car-seat.

A detailed instructional handout is available in my office. However, it is best to evaluate a colicky infant in the medical office before using prescription treatment for acid reflux, in order to accurately make the diagnosis, and in order to individualize treatment.

I have been fortunate to have over a 95% success rate in treating colicky infants over the past 10 years!"

Edited by Robert L. Bjork, Jr., M.D., 2013